Our methodology

We design a made-to-measure approach built on the notion of obligation of means.

Our methodology

Based on the nature of the missions with which we are entrusted and our client/candidate constraints, we design a made-to-measure approach to achieve the fixed objectives, built on the notion of obligation of means.

The first step consists of an in-depth analysis of our client’s company organisation, history, environment and corporate culture. Before defining a commercial proposal, we take the time to listen, to propose and to construct a common strategy. This phase is key to the success of our mission and enables us to work transparently and with trust.

We then formalize the key mission elements in a proposal: context, goals, target companies, adopted strategy, key skills required for the position, financial constraints, timeline.

We fix a detailed schedule that we respect. For transparency purposes, at each stage of the mission, we communicate all elements to our clients and candidates, reflecting our respect of our commitments.

During our search, we systematically use a direct approach. Our mappings and in-depth sectorial knowledge of markets, players, teams and candidates enable us to carry out an exhaustive search on our missions.

Once the mission is complete, we attach great importance to ensuring its success over time. Beyond the trial period, we continue to monitor the success of the collaboration between our clients and candidates.