Dorothée Valantin

Tillerman Executive Search Researcher

Dorothée Valantin Chargée de recherche chez Tillerman Executive Search
Dorothée Valantin Chargée de recherche chez Tillerman Executive Search

The team
Tillerman Executive Search ​


Dorothée Valantin has been working as a Researcher for Tillerman Executive Search since 2018. Dorothée helps the Firm’s Partners in their constant quest for specialist and high-potential candidates for director and senior executive positions. She is involved in all the sectors handled by the Partners.

Professional background

After graduating with a Master’s in Employment Law and a Master’s in Private Law from Panthéon-Assas (Paris-II) University, Dorothée began her career in 2015 at the French Ministry of Justice as Communications Manager for the Keeper of the Seal’s spokesperson.

After working for a law firm, she joined Tillerman Executive Search’s Integrated Research Division.

Since 2018, Dorothée has been assisting the Partners in their headhunting assignments in all the Firm’s sectors. She plays an active role in the Firm’s sector and business intelligence, and constantly develops and ensures that the candidate and potential businesses data base is up to date.


  • Sector and business intelligence
  • Manager and senior executive sourcing
  • Business specialist sourcing
  • High-potential candidate sourcing

Areas of expertise

  • Legal, Tax, Compliance
  • Industry, Services, Distribution
  • Real Estate, Construction, Hotel industry
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Consulting
  • Consumer Markets, Retail, Fashion & Luxury
  • IT, Digital, Consulting

Positions we source

  • Directors, senior executives, top and middle management
  • General, financial, legal, tax, marketing, e-business, sales, supply chain & purchasing, IT, Information Systems, digital, and security management, etc.
  • The Firm’s business specialist sectors